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Associate Director, Futures Deliveries and Reg Reporting (161-20)


Associate Director, Futures Deliveries and Reg Reporting (161-20)
Compensation commensurate with experience

This position is responsible for overseeing the delivery and regulatory
reporting operations for the firm. With a focus on automation where
possible, the Associate Director, Deliveries and Reg Reporting will lead the
team that ensures proper execution of deliveries for approved participants
as well as works with other departments to avoid delivery for non-approved

The team also corrects any issues with our large trader and exchange open
interest reports and this position offers the opportunity to expand the
scope by taking a larger role in regulatory reporting across multiple asset
classes. This position interacts directly with clients to ensure compliance
with our policies and procedures as well as coordinates with other
departments to implement new company initiates.

Implement best practice processes to increase efficiency of the department
Identify/Automate manual processes to maximize efficiency of the department
Ensure processes and timelines are followed based on exchange rules for
delivery of the commodity
Interact with other departments to ensure non-approved clients liquidate
positions prior to contract expiration and within established timeframes
Set delivery policies and facilitate communication of them to clients
Streamline daily, weekly, monthly procedures by implementing reports in
order to meet evolving industry compliance mandates
Monitor, investigate, and correct daily submission issues related to large
trader, open interest, PCS, and CTI reporting with the exchange
Must be familiar with GMI reports, including the long date reports and the
maintenance of deliverable positions
Manage the communication of delivery intentions and assignments
Instruct and inform the treasury department about finance related issues
including the relay of wire instructions
Provide agency delivery functions for large commercial clients –
issue/cancel receipts, collect storage fees, post T-Bills to the exchange
and other related topics
Perform customer service related to deliveries by fielding client requests,
resolving discrepancies, and relaying pertinent delivery information via
phone and email
Respond to exchanges and regulators about discrepancies in reporting or
issues stemming from deliveries
Ensure the department is compliant with company policies, regulatory
guidelines and maintains a commitment to the company’s values, business
processes, and code of ethics
Job may require some after hour work from home during heavy delivery periods
in order to meet the requirements of exchange and clients

5 - 7 years of experience in a similar role with progressive
responsibilities in leadership
Bachelor’s degree required
Proficient in Microsoft Office – Outlook, Word, and Excel with an emphasis
on Excel
Knowledge of futures delivery, out-trade, execution, and clearing processes
Strong management skills and analytical skills for evaluating alternatives
Knowledge of GMI and middleware systems is preferable

Alternative Investments // Asset Management // Banking // Broker Dealer