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Investment Analyst (1214-280)

Chicago (North Michigan Avenue)

Company provides investment advisory and family office services for high-
net-worth individuals, multi-generational families, endowments and

Investment Management
Asset Allocation:
Create/manage/execute an asset allocation model by aggregating several model
portfolios into an optimal design.
Monitor external investment materials to track current investments/review
new opportunities.
Populate the more efficient sectors of the asset allocation mode with low-
cost, low-tracking error Exchange Traded Funds to obtain index-like
performance. Focus due diligence on hedge fund and private equity
alternative investments to manage risk and generate genuine alpha across the
Monitor the new aggregated asset allocation model for style drift and asset
class outperformance/underperformance. Review range tolerances monthly,
determine need for rebalancing.
Maintain private equity J-curve to manage cash flows from capital calls and
distributions, to calculate internal rates of return, to calculate remaining
unfunded commitments recallable distributions and plan for accordingly, and
to assess excess capacity for new investments.
Investment Management:
Source/analyze new traditional and alternative asset managers that have a
positive expectancy; assess the appropriateness of installing new investment
candidates into overall asset allocation. Run new investment candidates
through internal due diligence process to analyze candidate’s ability to
consistently produce historical returns. Provide research summaries on all
new investment deals and new asset manager sourcing.
Source/analyze new real estate, hedge fund, private equity, and alternative
investment opportunities: hold strategy meetings with managers; conduct
onsite visits to determine investability; create 5-year cash flow
projections, risk assessment, risk/reward dynamics.
Help manage stock portfolios: industry, sector, and company assessment;
price location and entry/exit timing; taking/executing trade orders;
suggesting trade orders. Manage the migration of existing stock portfolios
to a proper asset allocation setup and the subsequent deployment of
investments into their respective asset classes to fill out the asset
Provide timely, accurate trading capabilities by executing trades manually
through the Schwab Institutional and/or TD Ameritrade web-based trading
Performance Reporting:
Use Black Diamond performance software for all clients.
Maintain performance reports: annualized rates of return, common risk
metrics, efficient frontier/co-variance modeling.
Prepare performance reports quarterly for all assets being monitored and
monthly for more liquid assets.
Set up the end-user portal to view monthly/quarterly performance reports.
Account on-boarding at various custodians. Manage new manager and/or deal
Maintain excellent working relationship with clients’ other external
advisors (eg, Estate Planners, Accountants, Insurance, etc.)
Maintain open line of communication to maximize transparency.
Approve billing invoices for services rendered.
Banking, Custody, and Lending:
Monitor loans and collateral; make draws on lines of credit and make pay
offs as instructed.
Execute funds transfers between internal accounts and to external accounts.
Trade and reconcile individual equity, fixed income, and options positions.
Manage cash flows for private equity capital calls and distributions.
Supply information as requested – cost basis, account titling, historical
documents, etc.
Tax Strategy & Accounting: Gather documents to ensure the highest level of
accuracy when preparing tax returns.
Approve invoices for services rendered.
Estate Planning: Coordinate with clients to create/maintain EP vehicles in
collaboration with various law firms.
Assist with account titling and account on boarding.
Insurance Management: Maintain an excellent working relationship with
various insurance brokers, meet quarterly to assess new insurance-related
products and outside-the-box investments, and coordinate appraisals,
property surveys, and other documents to obtain the best coverage for the
lowest premium.
Family Office Management
Supply knowledgeable overview of various family-office-related topics:
investment management, estate planning, tax strategy, accounting, insurance,
banking, custody, checking, multipurpose lending, cash management, etc.
Advocate for/advise the family members in their personal and commercial
transactions (banking, insurance, etc.).
Maintain a cash flow, debt capacity and liquidity study spreadsheet; provide
detailed report twice monthly.
Coordinate/authorize fund flows between custody accounts, lines of credit,
and checking accounts for investment demands, general spending, office
Analyze structures and systems to streamline efficacy.
Manage Request For Proposal processes to establish/replace vendors.

Business-related undergrad degree or MBA preferred; some wealth advisory
experience helpful
Quick learner who is eager and able to master various web-based portals.
Desire to eventually assume advisor role, including client relationship
responsibilities, preferred but not required.
Pleasant disposition and positive attitude a must in this small-office
Commitment to maintaining the highest ethical and confidentiality standards.

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